Welcome to the studio-atelier "PR" and the online store! We are the masters of exclusive clothing of genuine leather, crocodile, python skin, fur, sheepskin accept make orders for tailoring, and can offer you the finished productsSoft, flexible leather  goods for everyday to wear.     Our e-mail:   sofya@sofalee.com  phone-numbers: +7(915)330 1923 ,    +7 (906)719 7430

№200 Genuine leather jacket cyberpunk style "US-2020"
Black women's genuine leather jacket "US-2020"
Available. Size XS. Price $666
№189 "Dreams" genuine leather jacket multicolored for women
Women's luxury real leather jacket "Thoughts 
 ladies-lieutenant colonel" multicolored 
Available. Size SM. Price $1200 
№199 Exclusive women's jacket of genuine leather black red "Cyberpunk-Orion"
 Women's genuine leather jacket "Cyberpunk-Orion"
Available. Size SM. Price $888
№201 White black genuine leather jacket with collar "Cyber-77S"
Lab genuine leather jacket with removable collar "Cyber-77S"
Available. Size M. Price $587

№192 Jacket of genuine sheepskin leather cyberpunk style "BR-3737"
Unique genuine leather jacket for women "BR-3737"
Available. Size SM. Price $880 
№184 Beautiful womens jacket of genuine leather floral "Verona"
Floral pattern real leather jacket for women "Verona"
Not available. 
№198 "Sevil" exclusive women's jacket of genuine leather by Sofalee
Extraordinary design of genuine leather jacket black red "Sevil"
Available. Size SM. Price $1100 

№203 Cape Jacket of genuine leather with embroidery, hooded "Kvitka"
Women's real leather jacket "Kvitka
Available. Size SM. Price $870
№190 Black real leather Corset Bolero wide Bracelets for women
Women's cyberpunk of black leather: Bolero Corset and wide Bracelets.
Available. Size SM. Price $560 

№177 "Shining of black moon" women's jacket of genuine leather, chic black leather flowers, painted, embellished.
Women's chic jacket of genuine leather "Shining of black moon"
Available. Size SM. Price $1100
№202 Jacket in red-black color genuine leather "Mirax-2020"
Lovely women's jacket of genuine leather by sofalee "Mirax-2020"
Available. Size M. Price $890
№191 Womens genuine leather jacket "Multiple bright orgasm"
Unique real leather jacket "Multiple bright orgasm" for women
Available. Size SM. Price $1000

№182 Genuine leather luxury floral jacket for women "Catarina"
Luxury women's genuine leather jacket floral style"Catarina"
                       Not available.
№188 Mystical jacket of genuine leather gray black, wings, pendant, fringes. Handmade clothes.
Black gray genuine lambskin jacket "Doom" for women, wings, fringes.
Available. Size SM. Price $754
№194 Women's Cyber Punk genuine leather jacket "Mizar-19"
Genuine leather women's jacket "Mizar-19"
Available. Size SM. Price $790

№36 Crocodile python leather jacket for women "Android"
Exclusive genuine leather crocodile python skin womens jacket "Android" "Android" - genuine leather jacket for women. Cutting edge design cyberpunk - trash. Made of genuine python leather crocodile. The visual effect is that man is a machine, consists of the mechanisms implanted in the body. These metal parts are visible through the torn jacket. Not 
crocodile jacket
Women's genuine leather crocodile and python jacket "Melania'
Available. Size S-M. Price $1700
leather suit

Black genuine leather womens jacket with pockets "Art"
Available. Size SM. Price $345
№173 Black jacket of genuine leather, lace "The Black Water"
Black genuine leather jacket "The Black Water"
Not available
№162 Bright women's backpack from genuine leather BP56
Genuine leather backpack ruksack 3D floral style dark blue.
Not available. Art-BP56 
Lace, red crystals genuine leather jacket "Romania" Available. Size SM. Price $674

№33 Exclusive women's jacket from genuine crocodile, python skin "Nargiel"
Women's leather jacket of alligator,python skin "Nargiel"
Available. Size SM. Price $5000
№138 Black Beige color jacket of real leather suede for ladies "L'Amore".
Luxury ladies jacket vest with lace genuine leather "L'amore"
Available. Size S. Price $450

№141 Unigue crocodile python skin jacket for woman "Tauretari"
Woman real leather of python crocodile skin jacket "Tauretari" . Exceptional elegant design leather jacket from crocodile python. Fascinating weaving plants. high-end embroidery! Hand-painted work of art! Nice looking combination of blue and black colors.
Available. Size SM. Price $4194
№175 "Cersei" genuine black leather jacket for women, handmade, luxury one a kind of jacket by Sofalee.
Women's genuine leather jacket embroidered snakes "Cersei"
Not available. 

Exclusive  genuine leather  womens jacket of snake-crocodile-stingray "Andromeda" 
Not available.  
№156 Chic leather jacket blue black color short sleeves "Paloma"
Genuine leather Jacket women with f lared bottom short sleeves "Paloma" Not avilable.

№42 Stylish women's crocodile python stingray "Altar"
Modern waisted jacket of genuine crocodile skin, python, stingray "Altar" exclusive handmade 
Not available  
№147 Light womens leather jacket "Ego"
Exclusive bright womens genuine leather jacket "Ego" Excellent graphics performance, the unique combination of form and color. Bright expressive jacket made from leather.
Available. Size M. Price $540 
№176 "Black on black" exclusive women's leather jacket.
Chic women's genuine leather jacket "Black on black"Available. SizeSM. 
Price $888

№146 Crocodile python skin womens leather jacket "Astridot"
Womens jacket  genuine crocorile python skin cyberpunk style "Astridot" 
Not available
№158 Unique genuine leather jacket "Silver on black" for ladies
Chic women's genuine leather jacket  exclusive handmade "Silver on Black"
Not available.  

№57 Luxury leather jacket with flowers "Flowers of life"
Exclusive  genuine leather jacket for womens "Flowers of life" Not available. 
№1 Women leather jacket from python of "Vitalia"
Stylish female jacket from a genuine leather of a python "Vitalia" exclusive handmade Sold! 
№45 Modern leather jacket from suide-python "Lucid dream"
Black genuine leather python jacket for women "Lucid dream" 
Not available. 

№106 Youth leather jacket of crocodile-alligator skin, python, stingray "Toliman"
Luxury genuine leather alligator-cayman-python-stingray womens jacket "Toliman" Available. Size SM. Price $1200  
№91 Leather jacket with high collar white-black color "Sirius"
Exclusive womens  jacket from a qenuine leather -"Sirius"! Available.Size SM Price $689
Fur Vests
Genuine Vest woman .
Sold out! 

№105 Exclusive leather women's jacket with flowers "Lucem vitae"
Chic ladies jacket of genuine leather embroidered flowers "Lucem Vitae"
Luxury leather jacket for girls and women. Exclusive, is made in one piece. high quality product. The jacket is made in the art of weaving, hand-painted, hand-embossing. The idea is taken from the plant weaves the ancient art of the Vikings. Intertwined plant is designed to confuse the evil energy, this occult idea of an ancient
 Not available. 
№172 Black gothic real leather jacket for women "The dark matter"
Real leather women's jacket  black color "The dark matter"!3D drawing, handmade exclusive work!
Not available.
№157 Multicolor bright genuine leather jacket for women "Monpase"
Colorful women's genuine leather jacket "Monpase" This ladies jacket made of genuine leather like a glitch. This three-dimensional image of happiness, it's like you smoked marijuana and the narcotic effect has not passed ...

№102 Luxury crocodile-alligator-python hide skin jacket "Spika"
 Exclusive genuine python alligator hide jacket for women "Spika".Spica's leather jacket authenticity. Natural crocodile, python, sheepskin, skin print. Completely handmade, exclusive, made in a single copy. High quality. Designers Sofalee!
 Available. Size S-M. Price $1200
№103 Black-blue leather jacket for ladies "Inbrunykach"
Ladies incredible jacket of real leather with bag "Inbrunykach"!
Not available. 
№181 Women's costume suit of genuine leather fringed brown.
Shaman costume of genuine leather fringe.
Sold out!

№40 The best crocodile snake skin jacket with mink fur "Lux corde"
"Lux Corde" elegant women jacket of genuine leather crocodile (caiman) skin, python with fur mink.
Available. Size XS. Price $1900
№30 "Clover"exclusive leather green jacket for women by Sofalee
"Clover" women jacket of genuine  leather with crystalls.
Available. Size L. Price $680
Shipping $34
№193 LeatherCraft women's jacket black red color BRP-447
Extraordinary design of genuine leather jacket black red "BRP-447"
Not available.

№89 Luxury women's leather suit :jacket, skirt, hood "Aurica"
Excellent suit from leather and lace for ladies- womens "Aurica". guarantee high quality, made in a single copy, now on sale
№167 Exclusive women's genuine leather jacket "Z-US-7"
Fantastic women's genuine leather jacket black-red color "Z-US-7"
Sold out!

№180 Bolero Jacket of genuine leather, short sleeves for women.
Real leather Jacket-Bolero, bracelets. Not available. 

Investment in clothes/ in your looks is the best thing to use the money. Your looks help to communication to people. Let your style of dress sends people love, beauty and harmony. All people on planet of Earth are different faces and characters, the common is not. Let your style is the exclusive, unique in the World.
Why the studio is called as "PR"?
 Initially in the name of PR studio the special, sacral sense was enclosed. The name "PR" as letters, and as symbols which are well described in Blavatskaya Elena Petrovna books "Secret Doctrine" was read. Sequence of symbols of symbols mean specific sense connected with understanding - classification of and intentions - movements (acceptance of the chosen WAY). "Way of the person" that is moral conduct and the social order based on morals. However people read the PR Studio name as letters and translate as Public Relations, and they are right as such reading completely answers target purpose of studio.
About fashion. In view of the fact that our products from a genuine leather can serve you on the average 10-12 years, there are no doubts that these clothes will pass from one fashionable tendency to another. If to sew things fashionable today, tomorrow it precisely leaves fashion    to read further....
About value of clothes. Dear friend, please, look at people, what you see? You see a material form. Eighty percent of that you see on the person it is clothes. Snachala.Kogd the first time you meet the person before you to it will glance in eyes, until while he will tell the word, you look at appearance. What value has appearance, what it means to mankind?
Please note that the prices for finished products are very different from the prices for products made to order personally. Sewing of leather products to order, according to individual dimensions, developed a style will cost expensive.