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Sofalee designer
I'm Sofya-Almira one of  the designers Sofalee. Stop! Spend the time and look at our work. Rejoice with us a variety of shapes and colors. Let's make the world around us is beautiful and varied. Guaranteed quality products made with soul and love, it's exclusive. Let every day will be a holiday!
 Anorim Arthur - the fashion artist of Sofalee, the tailor for leather and fur. Work art with leather is family case and  passes from father to son. The first work is sewed in 5 years.

                                                                                      Dear guests our site!  

                        All the products you see on our site we sewed and project only 2 person are Arthur and Sofia

Having contacted with us by video conference of Skype (address is sofalee1), you are convinced that really you communicate with masters of Sofalee (Arthur or Sofia). As we have an opportunity to show by video conference any thing being on our site with a mark - "it's available".
When people find out from us how many cost our items, often are surprised, why such reasonable prices.  Therefore, we decided to state here the answer to often asked question. - Why it isn't expensive? Because we have no expensive rooms in the center of Moscow. Probably, it isn't absolutely convenient to clients to reach us, but we manage to reduce the price of our products significantly. Besides we don't contain the staff of wage workers, such as: acceptance inspector of orders, accountant, cleaner, director, etc. And the most important, we combine in ourselves directly some professions, for example: fashion designer, cutter, furrier, tailor … In the light of not a simple economic situation, we strictly follow an objective - to cut all not the necessary expenses, to raise competitiveness, to keep quality of our products.

This life on a planet the earth, a strange and surprising condition. The future "there", it didn't come yet, and it now still isn't present. The past already passed and it too already isn't present. In this life of people can be in prison and to feel free, to work in the government and to feel the slave. In this life it is possible to possess riches, but not to possess feeling of satisfaction, rest and happiness. Or on the contrary, to live destiny of the commoner not possessing perfect material and intellectual resources but to be the happy person. If to look at life distantly, at the same time on the past and the present proceeding only from an own experience and the actual information, it is possible to assume safely …. Likely many people don't know how to live, don't know that will be in the future and don't know that happens actually in the present. For ourselves personally we solved as we will live and what to do, chose that for us is value, tried to fill the existence by belief and sense.

Sofia work in  studio PR designer Sofalee
Sofya works in  studio PR designer Sofalee

Sofia tailors skin
                                                                                                   Sofya tailors skin

Sofia tailors fabric
                                                                                          Sofya tailors fabric

Sofia verifies the accuracy of the quality
                                                                       Sofya verifies the accuracy of the quality

Sofia cord braids plait
                                                                                     Sofya cord braids plait

Sofia sews beads
                                                                                            Sofya sews beads

Sofia makes flowers
                                                                                 Sofya makes flowers

work Sofia Sofalee
                                                                Sofya sews jacket by sewing machine