Fur Vests

women's genuine sheepskin fur 000
Stylish Sleeveless of genuine sheepskin light brown color. Not available. 
women's genuine sheepskin fur 0001
Women's Vest Sleeveless real sheepskin with
pocket and small belt bag.
brown fur small bag 0
Small belt bag for real fur women's vest.

women's genuine sheepskin fur 00
Beige women's Sleeveless Vest with small belt bag.
Not available.
women's genuine sheepskin fur 0002
Comfortable Sleeveless Vest of genuine sheep skin for women.
beige fur small bag 000
Bag small for Vest

Women's genuine sheepskin with ornament of leather.
Available. Size M. Price $185

Black fur lama vest sleeveless hooded for woman. Available. Size M. Price $540 Shipping is free
Women's vest of genuine sheepskin and leather, small belt bag. Sold out!
Very warm sleeveless from real sheepskin with ornament by Sofalee

Women's genuine sheepskin vest with leather ornament, two pockets, small belt bag. Sold out!
Ladies warm sheepskin sleeveless vest with pockets and small belt bag. Sold out!

№153 Genuine sheepskin vest with lace, leather, two pockets.
Sheepskin vest sleeveless embroidered metal details, lace, real leather. Sold out
Genuine sheepskin sleeveless vest light brown color.
Soft, warm vest. Small belt bag. Sold out

№151 Sleeveless Vest of genuine sheepskin, small belt bag
Women's real sheepskin vest and belt bag. Sold!
№152 Short fur sheep skin vest for women.
Genuine sheepskin women's vest with ornament. Sold!

№130 Sheepskin vest with leather sleeves.
Sheepskin coat with genuine leather sleeves.
№130 Vest of white fur lama, suede.
Ladies genuine fur lama white color and suede black color.
Real fur fox bolero-vest, corcet, mittens with buckles.

Sleeveless of genuine fox polar. 
Warm women's vest of real polar fox.

Jacket of real red fox fur, jacket is transformer to the vest sleeveless.
Hooded vest for ladies, original design.