№41 The best crocodile python iguana jacket for women "Aola"

                                                                                         The measure your body for the jacket:
Bust 80cm/31-1/2"-88.5cm/34.84"            Waist 60cm/23.62"-73.5cm/28.94"          Hip 86cm/34"-90cm/35 1/2"       Lenght jacket 56cm/29.92"
Lenght of sleeve 61cm/24.02"                  Shoulder lenght 13.5cm/5.31"                 Shoulder width 37cm/14.57"
jacket python
Chic leather jacket of crocodile-python-iguana with embroidered "Aola" Unique leather jacket genuine leather. Excellent real leather crocodile, python, iguana and calf. Pleasant combination of yellow and green. Elegant design, weaving plants in the style of the Celts and the Vikings. Volume structure expensive crocodile and python. All this causes a pleasant feeling, all this makes the image of the girl interesting. This jacket would be desirable to wear this jacket want to love. The product is made in a single copy, repeat not. Its manufacture is very laborious work. It is completely handmade. Note The fitted leather jacket, she emphasizes female figure, it is very sexy. These are clothes that does not hide the female figure, her beauty and elegance. Look at the smoothness and precision of the ornament, the quality of the welds.
leather bag
Leather women's handbag with picture and volumetric flowers "Tondzu"

leather jacket
Luxury jacket from crocodile iguana python skin "Aola" 

crocodile-python-iguana jacket
Beautifull leather jacket of crocodile-python skin.
Magic leather jacket for stylish persons for happiness and superiority by the fashion designer of Sofalee. 
crocodile-python-iguana jacket 1
Unique leather jacket in Logan style.
Hand made exclusive embroidery.

Genuine python, crocodile leather yellow color

Crocodile python leather jacket 0
Genuine leather crocodile python lizard jacket for yourth women.
Crocodile python leather jacket 03
Elegant women's jacket green-yellow color.

crocodile-python-iguana jacket 2
Embroidered jacket from python-iguana-crocodile skin for ladies
crocodile-python-iguana jacket 3

Jacket with lining of genuine silk
Jacket female from leather of a crocodile of a python of an iguana.

crocodile-python-iguana jacket 5

crocodile-python-iguana jacket 6

The Exclusive women's jacket from leather of a crocodile, a python, an iguana of "Aola"

Atelier by designer Sofalee, where you can sew luxury leather clothes 
Crocodile python leather jacket 02

crocodile-python-iguana jacket 7
Leather women's jacket from a natural crocodile, a python, an iguana. The bewitching design!

crocodile-python-iguana jacket 8
crocodile-python-iguana jacket 9
Crocodile skin