№5 Luxury women's leather jacket from python skin "Emerald tear'

             Exclusive leather python jackets for ladies 

 Exclusive women's leather jacket of a natural python - "Emerald tear"
jacket from python
 Stylish, female leather jacket from a natural python with volume flowers - "Emerald tear"! Product in the single copy.
                    It is sold!  

jackets of python skin
  Female jacket from a python in green tones. It is possible to purchase only in our PR Online store or to order analog (repetition isn't possible).
       Fragment of  embroidery on the leather jacket for ladies

Exclusive womens jacket
 Exclusive womens jacket. Liner is from absolute natural silk!
 Fragment of embroidery on a female leather jacket made in PR studio.

jacket from python
 Jacket female from natural python, exclusive, with a bag from a python.
brand jacket by sofalee
 Brand jacket by sofalee. Embroidery of natural stones, flowers, leather applications, manual list.

fashion designer sofalee
  Jacket female from a python with sleeves 3/4. Perfect of a form and color.
python skin with corrals
 Python skin with coralls. Exclusive embroidery, the czech beads, flowers of fabric, leaves from skin and fabric. Ideal, reliable quality!

jacket with bag from python skin
 Bag from of a python skin to an Emerald tear jacket 
 It is sold! 
jacket with bag from python skin
 Flowers on the leather jacket from a genuine leather of a python.

jacket from python skin
  Beautiful, fashionable, original female leather jacket from a python by fashion designer of Sofalee.
women's python leather jacket foto 1
  Online store and PR studio of women's leather jackets from a python. For real addition of your identity, for happiness and pleasure))

flowers on the jacket
   Flowers on the jacket
pearl on the jacket
 Natural pearls on an embroidery of a leather jacket.