№6 Jacket from genuine python "Apollo"

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Ideal jacket for the experienced woman of fashion who loves prestigious and attractive clothes from a genuine leather of a python from Sofalee! ! ! The jacket from a python is the product which is brightly allocating against other clothes. In general opinion it is possible to call this skin one of the most refined and graceful skin of all types. Skin of a python is famous for the color and a practicality, it is the most elastic skin and therefore it well is suitable for clothes production. Creation of this product very labor-consuming and laborious case, which not in power all tailor on skin. The jacket from skin of a natural python will give you feeling of privileges and self-confidence. The product from such skin will help you to feel in the company of itself more surely, is weakened and will help will get rid of stresses and complexes. Moreover – the unusual feeling from contact with such a jacket will be returned to you by great mood and more complete feeling of happiness to lives. These qualities are inherent in only these, high-quality designclothes from the best masters of PR studio.

python jacket
"Apollo" - an exclusive female jacket from a genuine leather of a python! It is made in PR studio.
 It is sold. Size-S
detaile python jacket Apollo best
 Genuine Leather natural python Jacket women's exclusive handmade  
the best women python jacket Apollo
The jacket female "Apollo" is embroidered with beads, bugles, with cockleshells is painted manually. It is made in the single copy! Product  is flavored by essential oil of a Damask rose!
The best women python jacket Apollo 
the best women python jacket Apollo
 embroidery on the natural python skin
  Skin of a python is very elastic, over time in process socks it takes the form of your body more precisely. In case of mechanical impact skin of a python is even more softened, cheshuyka reveal and look is more volume and it is more natural. To estimate a true practicality and beauty of this remarkable skin it is possible only many years later. The matter is that the age does a leather jacket of a python only better instead of losing the beauty, the thing only becomes better.
the best women python jacket
The fashionable leather Apollo jacket is sewed from a natural python. 
      The jacket of the genuine python skin "Apollo"
               Size-S Sold
Atelier "PR" women's jackets from exotic leather
  Atelier "PR" women's jackets from exotic leather.
The elegant female jacket from a natural python is flavored by essential oil of a Damask rose! 

   Genuine python skin is very elastic, over time, while wearing it takes the shape of your body more accurately. When a mechanical force python skin further softens the scales open and look more natural. To assess the true practicality and beauty of this remarkable skin can only be after many years.
Atelier "PR" women's jackets from exotic leather
 Fragment of an embroidery of a leather jacket from a natural python of "Apollo"
 Women's jacket of genuine python skin "Apollo". Produced in Russia, atelier "PR". The designer Sofalee. Popular studio and online store. Tailoring of leather and furs to order. Handwork. The jacket of the python skin, short waisted, with embroidery.

Genuine Leather Jacket women's exclusive handmade

  For creation of products from a natural python we use the best skins from known producers of skin of reptiles and other exotic skin. At such factories use the best technologies on production. Each jacket is created manually with a limiting accuracy and application of a long experience and knowledge which are imparted from generation in generation. The embroidery and list of a product is carried out completely manually. The unique product rather exclusive allows to get our professionalism and an extensive experience of work and unique which each detail is practical and refined. The purpose of our work iscreation of this masterpiece, capable to fascinate and feel irresistible and perfect. Jackets from a python from Sofalee will emphasize your identity and originality. Don't doubt, you it is guaranteed will notice in any society! Models of our jackets from skin of a python are developed taking into account requirement and desire of clients, aiming only at perfection. The dressing on our jackets is ideal, the equipment of execution of a product is magnificent. 
 Leather belt of the python
this python leather bag
 For example, the female exclusive Apollo jacket from a genuine leather of a python will be ideally suited for the experienced and vigorous woman who wants to be attractive and to be on the ball. The liner on a jacket is executed from natural absolute silk. The equipment of a manual stamping, an embroidery by several types of natural cockleshells, beads Czech, bugles, a manual list is used. 

jacket of python