№9 "Tyss" jacket of crocodile and leather-print for ladies

                                                                             The measure your body for the jacket:
Bust 80cm/31-1/2"-90cm/35.43"                Waist 60cm/23.62"-78cm/30.71"              Hip 76cm/29.92"-88cm/34.65"               Lenght jacket 49cm/19.29"
Lenght of sleeve 60cm/23.62"                   Shoulder lenght 14cm/5.51"                     Shoulder width 36cm/14.17"   
Jacket of alligator skin with suede-print 01
 Stylish effective, distinguished jacket from skin of a natural crocodile and skin with a print for  women "Tyss". 
Jacket of alligator skin with suede-print 02
Stylish glamorous , sophisticated leather jacket and a genuine crocodile with leather-prints for wealthy modern women   "Tyss".
Jacket of alligator skin with suede-print 03
Skin of a crocodile in products by fashion designer of Sofalee. Design, new fashion, new style of superiority.

  It is important to know what value for mankind the crocodile from the mystical point of view has. Skin of a crocodile throughout centuries was considered as attribute of wealthy and well-known men. In the ancient time was considered that pulling on itself a skin of an animal, the person purchases his force and magic capabilities. Probably subconscious echoes of these beliefs, move the person who decorates itself with skin of a crocodile. However there is also more pragmatical explanation. Skin of these reptiles possesses a number of the qualities putting it skin of other animals, it flexible, but at the same time extremely strong and wearproof are higher. Well also it is final, exotic appearance of skin of an alligator as if is created to arrest to itself a look. 
Jacket of alligator skin with suede-print 04
The best jackets from skin of a crocodile to order by your sizes.
Jacket of alligator skin with suede-print 05
Jacket of alligator skin with suede-print 06

Jacket of alligator skin with suede-print 07
      Great job of the best tailors with leather in Moscow. Russia.
Jacket of alligator skin with suede-print 09
 Jacket from a genuine leather of a crocodile and a print. It isn't expensive, practical, reliably, beautifully!

Jacket of alligator skin with suede-print 09

    Products made of genuine leather crocodile. Moscow. Russia.


                                        Womens leather jackets of genuine alligator skin

To create products of natural alligator skin , we use the best-known manufacturers leather of reptiles and other exotic leathers . At these factories use the best technology for the production. Each jacket is hand with the utmost accuracy and the use of long experience and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Embroidery and painting products is performed entirely by hand. Our professionalism and vast experience gives a unique product truly exclusive and unique every detail of which is practical and elegant. The aim of our work is the creation of masterpiece, able to charm and to feel irresistible and perfect. Jackets of crocodile letaher to designer Sofalee underline your individuality and uniqueness . Don't worry, you are guaranteed to notice in any society! Models of our jackets crocodile skin developed taking into account the needs and desires of our customers, striving only to perfection. Dressing of leather jackets to our ideal, product excellent technique.