№28 "Baroque" exclusive leather ladies jacket

leather jacket for women
 Legendary jacket with  a various embroidery ""Baroque".

Leather Jacket Baroque women's 4
The womanly silhouette of a jacket will emphasize your figure. For many decades skin remains a favourite material in creation of the most refined models of clothes. Besides, skin has the longest history, as we know, still primitive people used as clothes fur and leather skins. Throughout the millennia skin underwent fantastic changes.

Leather Jacket Baroque women's 7
Stylish leather jacket female exclusive, manual operation, class VIP.

Leather Jacket Baroque women's 10leather genuine jacket female blue aristocratic style

Leather Jacket Baroque women's 13
leather genuine aristocratic style jacket female blue first grade

Leather Jacket Baroque women's 16leather genuine aristocratic style jacket female
Leather Jacket Baroque 2
Jacket of leather "Baroque" a modern view on medieval luxury. Barokko 
(ital. barocco — "vicious", "dismissed", "inclined to excesses", port. perola barroca — "a pearl of the wrong form" (literally "a pearl with defect"); there are also other assumptions of an origin of this word) — the characteristic of the European culture of the XVII—XVIII centuries Italy was which center. Baroque style appeared in the XVI—XVII centuries in the Italian cities: Rome, Mantua, Venice, Florence. It is considered to be an era of baroque the beginning of triumphal procession of "the western civilization". Baroque resisted to classicism and rationalism.

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Jacket exclusive, women's, collection, model. 

Leather Jacket Baroque women's 8
The legendary jacket with a painting on the skin and a variety of embroidery " Baroque"

Leather Jacket Baroque women's 11leather genuine aristocratic style jacket female blue 

bag 1
blue leather bag fragment

leather genuine aristocratic style jacket female 01Leather Jacket Baroque women's 17

Leather Jacket Baroque 3

Detail on the baroque leather jacket

Leather Jacket Baroque women's 6

Leather Jacket Baroque women's 9
leather genuine jacket female blue

Leather Jacket Baroque women's 12authenticity leather bag ladies

bag 3
Handbag to the Baroque jacket with the Clown mask
Irony, once again irony and any pathos. In general the truth moment for the Clown is availability or absence of sense of humour