№46 Luxury leather jacket with a painted "Aliot"

leather jacket 0
Exclusive leather jacket with applications, prints of "Aliot"  Size M.
The jacket is sewed in the single copy.
jacket of python 0
Expressive, charming, courageous approach to design of a women's  leather jacket "Aliot"
Style a women's leather jacket special chic.

exclusive jacket
Women's  leather jacket, the best masters in tailoring from skin "Aliot". Moscow.

Black-and-white women's jacket from a genuine leather of the Italian production
Photo, fragment, detail of a leather jacket for women.

clon jacket leather
Black leather jacket with painted from the fashion designer of Sofalee, the city of Moscow.
detaile jacket 0
The fitted jacket from a genuine leather with volume drawing.

atalier to sew
Futuristic style of volume drawing gives to a women's leather jacket special chic.
 the exclusive clothes from a genuine leather and fur of all types can be ordered in us in Studio of "PR" Moscow.