№52 Ladies exclusive leather jacket with collar of fur fox "Tiger's eye"

                                                             The measure your body for the jacket: 
Bust 80cm/31-1/2"-90cm/35.43"     Waist 60cm/23.62"-75cm/29.53"      Hip 76cm/29.92"-88cm/34.65"       Lenght jacket 59cm/23.23"
Lenght of sleeve with lace 65cm/25.59" without one 62.5cm/24.61"         Shoulder lenght 14cm/5.51"     Shoulder width 36cm/14.17"
Jacket from leather "A tiger eye" 
It is embroidered with a natural stone a tiger eye Exclusive complexity of execution, only in PR studio...
jacket 000
Exclusive women's jacket made   ​​ of genuine leather and brocade "Tiger's Eye"     
ladies jacket
The jacket is sewed from a genuine leather and brocade. Short, fitted a collar from a fox comes unfastened.

leather jacket exclusive 05
Women's leather  jacket embroidered with natural stone tiger eye yellow color
leather jacket exclusive 06
Nice leather jacket with collar of fur fox.
leather jacket exclusive 07
Online-store and Atelier "PR" by designer Sofalee

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ladies leather jacket exclusive 0
   Magic properties:
Magic properties of a tiger eye are known from time immemorial. Including this stone solar, it was used most often as a charm from evil ghosts against spoil and a malefice. In some countries a tiger eye was carried on a body by soldiers as believed that this stone will save them from wounds and death. The modern practicing magicians also consider that a tiger eye is capable to save the owner from many dangers as it cultivates judiciousness in the person and doesn't allow to make rash acts. Besides it is considered that a tiger eye pacifies jealousy torments.
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exclusive handmade unique leather jacket female genuine

  In traditional medicine a tiger eye is considered excellent means for recovery of an organism after heavy transactions. In some countries healers recommend to wear on themselves jewelry from a tiger eye for prevention of various diseases. It is considered that this stone reduces a blood pressure in case of a hypertension, normalizes a dream, relieves of sleeplessness and nightmares! Litoterapevta assume that when imposing a tiger eye on sick sites of a body it is possible to cure much quicker such illness as psoriasis. There is an opinion that this mineral effectively facilitates attacks of bronchial asthma. Folk healers sometimes apply a tiger eye to removal of an inflammation in case of diseases of joints and sinews of people and animals.