№63 Jacket from genuine suede with application "Dualitatem"

Women's leather jacket genuine exclusive blue blue black
Women's genuine leather jacket  exclusive blue blue black
Women's genuine leather jacket  exclusive handmade blue black

exclusive suede jacket 1
Jacket for ladies leather collection - "Dualitatem"
Suede jacket with applications from skin. Finishing by the Swarovski crystals. Only in PR studio, the best masters of the city of Moscow. 
exclusive suede jacket 2
Hood from suede for a women's jacket from natural suede the embroidered skin and  Swarovski's crystalls. 
exclusive suede jacket 3
The exclusive women's jacket with a clutch and a hood to a product (it doesn't enter the price). It is sold

cheap exclusive suede jacket
The jacket is sewed on a figure, in the single copy.
exclusive suede jacket 5
Dualitatem leather jacket very interesting and attractive work! She perfectly supplements our collection and helps to look at design of women's leather jackets from other party. This futuristic, romantic, sensual direction of clothes. let the world will be happy ":)

  Throughout a subject of duality of life, mutually excludable concepts, balance of contrasts the exclusive Dualitatem women's jacket - (duality)! The bright, beautiful, mystical thing is expressive and attractive. Difficult applications of the intertwining, abstract, harmonious ornament not similar on anything … The jacket can be completed with a clutch in similar style of an exclusive form, a liner from natural silk! The jacket basis black suede skin of import production, perfectly holds a form of the fitted style, Swarovski's pastes are used. A jacket for the most exacting women of fashion and fans of immortal style of the fantasy … The product at will can be completed with a removable hood – a hood which can be carried separately with any other products. There is an opportunity to sew a similar jacket (not the copy!) by your size in any color scheme.