№157 Multicolor bright genuine leather jacket for women "Monpase"

The size is UK10 / US6-8 / EU38 / SM ( If you have any questions please ask)

 The measure your body for the jacket: (From-To...)                The measure the jacket: 
Bust from 82cm-to 91cm ( 32 Inch-36 Inch)                                    Lenght jacket 57cm (22,5 Inch)  
Waist from 61cm-to 77cm ( 24 Inch-30,5 Inch)                               Lenght of sleeve 61cm ( 24 Inch) 
Hip from 91cm-to 100cm (36 Inch-39 Inch)                                    
multicolor leather jacket 00
Handmade women's jacket from genuine leather multicolor "Monpase"! 
multicolor leather jacket 000
If the festival wants your soul !? If your heart shines like the sun !? If you are ready to surprise, this leather jacket is for you!

multicolor leather jacket 009
On the women's jackets from a natural leather is impossible to watch without a smile! 
multicolor leather jacket 100
You need to fall in love with heart to this jacket ! This is the most unexpected color gamma. It is fine and a very good affordable price. Make yourself happy, enjoy yourself more, take care of yourself, make gifts for yourself. It is much more valuable than a bank account!

womens multicolor leather jacket 00
This ladies jacket made of genuine leather, it is very difficult to perform. Practical, reliable, better quality! Amazing artwork! Made in one piece. Replay is not possible! Let your life be bright and sweet as the Monpase!
womens multicolor leather jacket 0
This ladies jacket made of genuine leather like a glitch. This three-dimensional image of happiness, it's like you smoked marijuana and the narcotic effect has not passed ...