№142 Black leather women's jacket collar, mittens "Mizar-1"

The size is UK8-10 / US8 / EU38-40 / SM ( If you have any questions please ask)

 The measure your body for the jacket: (From-To...)                The measure the jacket: 
Bust from 82cm-to 91cm ( 32 Inch-36 Inch)                                    Lenght jacket 64cm (25 Inch)  
Waist from 61cm-to 77cm ( 24 Inch-30,5 Inch)                               Lenght of sleeve 40cm ( 16 Inch) 
Hip from 91cm-to 100cm (36 Inch-39 Inch)   

Fantastic real leather woman jacket "Mizar-1".
Not available.
futuristic leather black jacket 001
Women's leather jacket like a living plasma black. Depicted super hero of the computer game. The image of the woman hero moves from the virtual world into the material world. This is a very nice and helpful to be an individual. When you play in a computer game you are a real person, but when you walk in life it is a fake.

Fantastic bold image of a leather jacket can be successfully combined with classical clothing.  It turns out very tasty, original and bold. This is a new jet in life. It's nice for you and for the people around them!
leather jacket made of genuine leather, side view.

futuristic leather black jacket
The fitted leather jacket is very good for women. Firstly it is difficult to make, it's not easy. Jacket repeats a beautiful figure of a woman and does not hide it. General smooth contours it had very sexy, it makes the image of a slim and athletic.

futuristic leather black jacket 0001 
Our brand has always been for a new vision of fashion design from genuine leather. The courage of his decision and implementation, it is heroism to tailor -Clothing!
Our design leather jacket made of genuine leather for women, it is an invitation to the future.