№158 Unique genuine leather jacket "Silver on black" for ladies

The size is UK8-10 / US6-8 / EU38-40 / SM ( If you have any questions please ask)

 The measure your body for the jacket: (From-To...)                The measure the jacket: 
Bust from 82cm-to 91cm ( 32 Inch-36 Inch)                                    Lenght jacket 57cm (22,5 Inch)  
Waist from 61cm-to 77cm ( 24 Inch-30,5 Inch)                               Lenght of sleeve 61cm ( 24 Inch) without lace
Hip from 91cm-to 100cm (36 Inch-39 Inch)                                    
genuine leather jacket 0
Fitted genuine leather women's jacket with fur collar
 "Silver on Black". The jacket is stitched in a single copy, the exact repetition is not possible.
Not available. 
Stylish leather jacket for spectacular women. Genuine black leather and silver leather with the print better color combination.

genuine leather jacket 00

Female jackets from a natural leather. Great combination of colors silver, black leather and black suede. Rich, elegant appearance. The refined taste of luxury. Very pleasant experience, this jacket comes from the energy of excellence. A lot of manual labor, all the parts in place ...
genuine leather jacket 001
Leather jacket made of genuine leather 2017 spring summer autumn. 

genuine leather jacket 0001

This women's leather jacket from the authenticity of the skin, is designed not only to protect from the weather. This jacket is a weapon in the struggle for status. Human society is not equally, success belongs not to all. If you are careful, original and dress in style, then you will be easier to achieve success in life. It is easier in business, it is easier to be a respected person, it is easier to love.
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People who love to learn magic, psychology and parapsychology, easily feel the energy flowing from this  jacket woman's . If you feel the warmth and joy of heart, this jacket will be a success. The jacket will serve you a great mascot. Success and beauty is what you need!
Reliable, practical leather jacket for everyday use! Excellent quality, accuracy, performance, impeccable taste, sophisticated style!