№163 Women's genuine leather jacket black red color "Cyberpunk"

The size is UK8-10 / US6-8 / EU38-40 / SM ( If you have any questions please ask)

The measure your body for the jacket: (From-To...)                   The measure the jacket: 
Bust from 82cm-to 91cm ( 32 Inch-36 Inch)                                    Lenght jacket 57cm (22 1/4 Inch)            
Waist from 61cm-to 77cm ( 24 Inch-30 1/3 Inch)                            Lenght of sleeve 62cm ( 24 1/4 Inch) 
 Hip from 91cm-to 100cm (36 Inch-39 Inch)                                                                                               

red black leather jacket 00
Real leather women's jacket "Cyberpunk"! Leather jacket women's black and red from the collection "Mizar". The style of this jacket is cyberpunk, the theme is the fusion of computer technology with human transhumanism. You see that the information content of the jacket is very high. On the surface of the jacket there is no empty space, everything is alive, meaningful.  

red black leather jacket 001
A unique leather jacket in the style of cyberpunk. Short jacket, fitted, color black and red.The theme of the jacket is "Cyberpunk" -transhumanism. This is a completely new approach to design, a new-fresh style. Lack of simple solutions in the design, new sensations from unexpected design decisions.

red black jacket
red black leather jacket

genuine black red color jacket cyberpunk 001
Women's genuine leather jacket, cyberpunk style, only handmade. The only copy, excellent quality! Unique product at an affordable price!
genuine black red color jacket cyberpunk 02
Exclusive leather jacket and backpack in the style of cyberpunk!  Excellent combination of color, modern style of fiction, a stunning impression.

genuine black red color jacket cyberpunk 00001
Exclusive leather jacket at an affordable price. Jacket is one a kind of. Excellent quality of execution. Clothes for every day.
genuine black red color jacket cyberpunk 03
Bright, attractive leather jacket for women. Tight, short, practical sexy. The style of cyberpunk-fantasy. Very complex in execution, a lot of details, a volumetric drawing. Best quality!

genuine black red color jacket cyberpunk 04
A leather jacket produces an extremely strong emotional impression. It's just a shock and a delight. The jacket gives you the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of generally accepted concepts in harmony. The main value of leather jacket emotions, giving the ground for a new approach to life. The artist suggests to be bolder in dress, in life, to allow yourself to change. Leather jacket , great work manual! Excellent quality, high precision! The jacket is embroidered and painted by hand!
genuine black red color jacket cyberpunk 05Leather jacket "Cyberpunk", this picture is a thought and impression to people. The artist suggests people are not afraid of the merger of a person with computer technology. It is impossible to stay in the "old". You need new opportunities, new lines, thoughts, design are inevitable.

genuine black red color jacket cyberpunk 06
Women's leather jacket side view.