№89 Luxury women's leather suit :jacket, skirt, hood "Aurica"

The size is UK10 / US8 / EU38-40 / SM ( If you have any questions please ask)

 The measure your body for the jacket: (From-To...)                The measure the jacket: 
Bust from 82cm-to 91cm ( 32 Inch-36 Inch)                                    Lenght jacket 60cm (23,6 Inch)  
Waist from 61cm-to 77cm ( 24 Inch-30,5 Inch)                               Lenght of sleeve without lace 37cm ( 14,5 Inch) with lace 70cm (27,5 Inch)
Hip from 91cm-to 100cm (36 Inch-39 Inch)                                     

Skirt: Lenght of Skirt 44cm (17,5 Inch)         Skirt for waist 67cm (26,5 Inch)

leather suit  jacket sirt hood
Mistic leather suit with hood, skirt "Aurica" 
Aurica-female leather suit. Hand-made, exclusive product. Embroidery, sheepskin leather, leather print, better quality, warranty repair. Piece of art.
leather jacket with lace
Nice short jacket of leather-lace.

Video gothic genuine leather suit costume for women

   The jacket designs have mystical meaning. The jacket is made in such a way that not leaves indifferent spectator. Brightness and boldness, the combination of lines and colors on the suit like "cuts" the consciousness of man, so that creates a strong link between the suit (fashion) and human memory (passer contemplating). Overall, a medieval costume design has a gothic slant, with a high content of details. The product becomes an exquisite work of art. Clothing makes sense and content. Clothing helps his master make an impression on people and the world around him. Our collection of suits and jackets reflected different philosophical approaches to the relationship between people and the different emotional experiences. It seems to me that in the 17-18 century noblemen paid more attention to the content and style of their clothes. Why do the most modern people need for restricted in luxury, in a variety of shapes and colors, the desire to be completely to the individual?
leather jacket with long sleeves
Beautiful leather jacket with long sleeves for women.

bead on the jacket
Bead on the jacket

leather suit  jacket sirt hood 0
Futuristic leather suit: jacket, skirt, hood by designer Sofalee.Aurica-female leather suit. The best product in our company. The combination of black and silver. A charming, magical style. Magic aura, captivating the viewer. In life, even better than the photo.
leather suit  jacket sirt hood 00
Jacket without lace.

 leather suit  jacket sirt hood 1
             Embroidered skulls,beads on the jacket
mask on the jacket
Mask on the leather jacket

leather suit  jacket sirt hood 2
Waisted leather jacket for beautiful ladies
Metal detail. 

leather suit  jacket sirt hood 3
Part of sleeve
skull on the jacket
Skull from polymer clay on the jacket

leather suit  jacket sirt hood 5
Aurica, the skirt suit natural leather. Suit female with a detachable hood.


Aurica, the skirt suit natural leather.