mittens of fox fur
Silver fox fur Mittens straps of genuine painted leather. Lining is warm faux fur.
Available. Size 7-7,5. Price $109
Mittens of silver fox real fur and genuine leather "Funny Friends"
Available. Size 7-7.5  Price $133

Fur Lama Mittens and genuine leather!
Mittens new "Yetti is Watching"!
Not available. 
mittens of fur lama
Fluffy warm fur of lama and leather mittens "Cat's paws".
Available. Size 7-7,5 Price $89

Funny mittens of genuine arctic fox fur with wrist strap.
Sold out!
Women's real arctic fox fur.
Lining from fleece.

Great warm mittens of real black lama fur and leather "Mittens for communication"
Sold out!
Handmade genuine lama fur mittens.
Lining is fleece.

Mittens of genuine arctic fox fur and leather.
 Sold out!
Handmade warm mittens for women, girl.
Cristmas gifts.

Exclusive crazy fur lama mittens "Your real friends"
Sold out!
Genuine fur mittens are great Cristmas gift. 

mittens of fox fur
Mittens of silver fox fur with leather palm.
mittens of mink fur
Funny female mittens like cat's paws from genuine fur of mink dark broun color.
Sold out. Size 7"-7 1/2"  

mittens of fox fur
Mittens of genuine suede, leather with a furry silver fox
 "Winter patterns"
Available. Size 7-7.5"
Price $79
mittens of leather
Women's mittens. Warm fleece lining.

mittens of red fox fur
Luxury mittens with embroidered snake skin, edge of fox fur. Sold
mittens of red fox fur 0
Mittens with fringes made of genuine leather.

women's mittens of silver fox fur 01
Warm mittens of real silver fox fur and leather.
mittens of silver fox fur 00
Women's mittens of silver fox fur with leather palms.  strap of suede with a picture.

women's mittens of red fox fur
Wonderful mitten paws red of fox fur and genuine leather
Sold out!
women's mittens of red fox fur 00

suede mittens of black  lama fur
Suede mittens embroidered, crystals, lama fur.
suede mittens of fox fur
Soft mittens of leather with embroidery and trimmed with fox fur.

mittens of fur of mink 000
Nice mittens of fur mink. Lining is fleece.

mittens of fur of mink 009
Modern real fur brown mink palm leather like cat.
Lining is fleece.
Sold out. Size 7"-7 1/2". 

suede mittens of silver fox fur
Mittens of real leather/ suede/ fur fox. Mittens embroidered real pearls, beads. 
Lining is fleece.

mittens of fur of mink
Women's mittens fur mink black color, leather palm.
Sold Size 7"-7 1/2" (18-19 cm)
mittens of fur of mink 0
Beautiful ladies mink fur mittens with pompons and strap.
Sold out

mittens size
To find out your mittens size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure at the place indicated by the red line (just below the knuckles). You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.