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№58 Bright genuine sheepskin coat with lama collar "Elfo"

shipskin coat for ladies 0

Sheepskin coat female "Elfo" from a natural sheepskin with fur of a white lama. By "PR" studio it is made to order. 
shipskin coat for ladies 01

Women's Sheepskin "Elfo" Genuine sheepskin with the fur of a white llama. Atelier "PR" by designer Sofalee
shipskin coat for ladies 02

     Womens painted sheepskin coat "Elfo"

shipskin coat for ladies 03Genuine top quality sheepskin! Women's unique sheepskin exclusive handmade! Lightweight women's sheepskin coat for the most beautiful and sschastlivyh!
shipskin coat for ladies 04
Detail of the varnished sheepskin coat, handmade!
shipskin coat for ladies 05

                                                                             Hand made of a sheepskin coat of the fashion designer of Sofalee

The sheepskin coat is legendary clothes, the warmest, being the worthy competitor to any fur products. For the Russian weather conditions it is simple the most necessary thing. This type of winter clothes, enjoys invariable popularity, as in Russia, and abroad. The genuine leather and  warm fur reliably protect from a frost, for soft climate fashion designers create easier models. Furs of a sheepskin coat differ on color and on length, the stylistics, density and elasticity is inherent in each model. The choice of a palette depends on your preferences — modern models of sheepskin coats can be both natural tones, and the most unexpected flowers and shades. Appearance of a product significantly depends on a cut and sheepskin raw materials, the jacket a sheepskin coat is selected proceeding from features of your figure.