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№72 Ladies sheepskin coat with painted "Yersy"

sheepskin coat with fur fox 0
 The women's sheepskin coat of natural sheepskin "Yersy" is made-to-order. A collar from a black polar fox, the varnished surface, is embroidered with pastes and beads, drawing a cliche.
sheepskin coat with fur fox 1
Women's Genuine sheepskin coat "Yersy" sewn to order 
sheepskin coat with fur fox 3
Women's exclusive sheepskin coat in the Russian style

 (Ordinary) polar fox, or polar fox [1] (Latin  Alopex lagopus) — the predatory mammal of family of canids, the only representative of a genus of polar foxes (Alopex). Rather small predatory animal reminding a fox. Length of a body is 50 — 75 cm, a tail — 25 — 30 cm, height in withers — 20 — 30 cm. The average body weight of a male — 3,5 kg, maximum — to 9 kg, a female — 3 kg. [2] [3] Unlike a fox, a body at a polar fox stocky, the muzzle truncated; ears are rounded off, poorly act from winter wool (it protects them from frostbite). The name of a look — lagopus — in translation from Greek "a hare paw" as soles of paws at polar foxes are covered with a hard hair.